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Sash’s 40th celebration was more like fun rather than work. As Sash and I have many mutual friends it was a wonderful gathering of close friends at family at the District 6 Eatery in Emmarentia. No matter what the venue a party with Sash is guaranteed to be full of laughs with loads of stratospheric fun and naughtiness.

Sash40th01 Sash40th02 Sash40th03 Sash40th04 Sash40th05 Sash40th06 Sash40th07 Sash40th08 Sash40th09 Sash40th10 Sash40th11 Sash40th12 Sash40th13Sash40th14Sash40th15Sash40th16

Sash40th17 Sash40th18 Sash40th19 Sash40th20 Sash40th21 Sash40th22 Sash40th23 Sash40th24 Sash40th25 Sash40th26 Sash40th27 Sash40th28 Sash40th29 Sash40th30 Sash40th31 Sash40th32




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