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I had a wonderful afternoon with the Forrester family photographing their family at their gorgeous home in Bryanston. The family gathered in SA to celebrate Nigel’s 70th Birthday. Hilarious antics prevailed behind the camera and we had loads of laughs ensuring that we could get just that one gorgeous pic of the poodle.

Familyphotographysandton01 Familyphotographysandton02 Familyphotographysandton03 Familyphotographysandton04 Familyphotographysandton05 Familyphotographysandton06 Familyphotographysandton07 Familyphotographysandton08 Familyphotographysandton09 Familyphotographysandton10 Familyphotographysandton11 Familyphotographysandton12 Familyphotographysandton13 Familyphotographysandton14 Familyphotographysandton15 Familyphotographysandton16 Familyphotographysandton17 Familyphotographysandton18 Familyphotographysandton19 Familyphotographysandton20 Familyphotographysandton21 Familyphotographysandton22 Familyphotographysandton23 Familyphotographysandton24 Familyphotographysandton25 Familyphotographysandton27 Familyphotographysandton26 Familyphotographysandton28 Familyphotographysandton29 Familyphotographysandton30 Familyphotographysandton31 Familyphotographysandton32 Familyphotographysandton33

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