Home » Baby Photography » Ava Isabella (2 weeks old)….All snuggly on a cold winters day!

I just loved this shoot …especially that we managed to pull it off on one of the coldest days of the year last Saturday. I am finding I am doing more and more of my shoots at my clients’ homes it really gives the shoots a personal touch and gives me more opportunity to be creative and of course have fun. I always take one studio light and softbox to ensure we have adequate lighting, especially shooting in doors as a flash has the potential to look very harsh especially when shooting newborns or children. For my newborn shoots I typically book out 2,5 hours.. sometimes we need all this time and sometimes not, it all depends on the baby. Sometimes we just wait chatting over steaming cups of coffee feeding the baby (doing mum’s make up) waiting for them to drift off into “La la Land”…its during the dreamy sleeptime that we are able to get the curled up snoozy shots. Of course the heating is always cranked up, I also bring along my own heater and heating pad that I use in my studio shoots as well as a car load of other gear and props to use in the shoot. During this shoot we also used quite a bit of window light. The blown out background shots are as a result of putting an ordinary sheet over the window and overexposing – has a lovely ethereal effect which I am loving right now….! So awesome to spend time with such a relaxed, fun family..did NOT feel like work for me!



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